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FAQ for Village of Peotone Downtown Streetscape Project

What is the goal of this project?

The project goal is to refresh and improve the look of Peotone’s downtown area, while replacing the aging infrastructure of Village streets, as well as sidewalks, which will enhance the pedestrian and motorist experience in a more attractive and walkable business district. New lighting, benches, planters, and event space are also planned that will further beautify the downtown and attract new visitors to patronize downtown businesses. This investment in Peotone’s downtown aims to encourage new investment and to attract new businesses to fill any vacant spaces.

What areas of the downtown will be included in the construction portion of this project?

The Downtown Streetscape Project will take place in four blocks of the downtown area; Main Street from First Street to the railroad crossing, Second Street from Main Street to Crawford Street (two blocks) and North Street from Second Street to Railroad Street.

What will change aesthetically in the downtown area?

This project includes a complete renovation of streets, sidewalks and pedestrian areas within the project area listed above. In addition to new pavement and concrete, attractive highlights such as paving accents, trees, planting beds, planters, modern streetlights and benches will also be added.

How long will this project take to be completed?
This project has a planned start in early April (start date TBD) and will last through the end of the construction season, which is the end of November, weather permitting. Most streets and sidewalks will be completed sooner than the end of November, but aesthetic area improvements, such as paving and landscaping, are expected to take a longer period of time.
What will the downtown look like for the duration of this project?
The downtown area will be a construction zone with heavy equipment, noise, gravel and dust. The Village will make its best effort to maintain maximum access for pedestrian traffic to support the downtown businesses, especially during the evenings and weekends.
Will there be alternate parking during this project for people who want to patronize downtown businesses?
Yes, the Village has identified multiple parking areas within two short blocks from the downtown area for available parking throughout the project. You can view the parking map here
Will downtown businesses be able to remain open during construction?

Yes. The contractor and engineer have been informed that maintaining some type of access to businesses is of prime importance. While this improvement project will necessitate some inconvenience, as much access as possible will be provided to local businesses. Some businesses may have access challenges and the Village will assist in communicating information on how to access them. Please email for any questions about access.

What is being done to support the downtown businesses during this project?

The Village is committed to supporting the downtown businesses by helping to promote them throughout the project in the Village’s new E-newsletter and on its social media pages. In addition to sharing information about their products and services, temporary access points to enter the businesses during construction will also be highlighted. If you are a downtown business owner or manager, please email the Village’s communication partner, Vicarious Multimedia, at to help the Village share this information.

How is this project being paid for?

The village received a $2.5 million grant from the State of Illinois, which covers 75% of the costs. The remainder will be paid with funds from the Business Development District (the Village collects an extra 1% sales tax on most sales that are earmarked to fund improvements in business corridors).

Will there be angled or parallel parking?
All parking will be angled once the project is completed.
Will there be less paved parking downtown?
No. With the completion of Phase 1 of this project (the Railroad Street parking lot) in 2022 and the current project, the Village will have more paved and lighted parking areas throughout the downtown. There will be a few less parking spots on Main and Second Streets due to aesthetics in crosswalk areas, and space needed for handicapped parking.
Who will maintain the landscaping?
The Village’s Public Works Department will maintain the landscaping.
How will snow removal work around streetscape features?
The Public Works Department will remove snow from the downtown as they have in the past. Equipment will be purchased by the Village to more efficiently clear snow from any streetscape features.
Will there be one-way streets?
No, all streets will have two-way traffic.
Will the sidewalks be widened?
Yes. The sidewalks will be extended by approximately one foot to improve the pedestrian walkway experience.
Are there any other improvements planned in the downtown area?
The Village’s Downtown Master Plan includes additional street improvements as well as wayfinding signs and other design elements. However, there are no immediate plans to commence construction until outside funding can be obtained.
Where is the dedicated event space going to be located?
At the intersection of Main and Second Street; this area will be able to be closed off for future festivals and/or other public events.
Who can I contact with additional questions?

You can email or call the Village Hall at 708-258-3279 and your question will be promptly answered.

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