Elected Officials

The village is governed by a Village President and a six member Board of Trustees. The Village President serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the village. The Board of Trustees serves as the legislative branch of the village. The Village President and each Trustee are elected at large and serve four year staggered terms.


  • Steven Cross


  • Donna Werner

The Village Clerk is the official keeper of records for the village. The Clerk also attends meetings of the Village Board and maintains minutes of the meetings. The Clerk is also responsible for the publication and codification of ordinances, the administration of FIOA requests, and the administration and recording of all licenses and permits issued by the Village Authorities. The Clerk is also the Local Election Official, and is responsible for in-person absentee voting. The Clerk is elected at-large to a four year term.


  • Patrick Bowden
  • Wayne Parker
  • Kent Hamm
  • Shelley Marevka
  • Michael Jones
  • Peter March

Maps and Zoning

VofP zoning2013


VofP CompPlan Img


VofP AddressMap2010