Building Department

The village has contracted with Safebuilt to conduct building permit reviews and construction inspections. The Building Code is established to ensure public safety, health and welfare insofar as they are affected by building construction through structural strength, adequate means of ingress and egress, sanitary equipment, lights, ventilation, fire safety, and to secure safety to life and property. The Peotone Building Department would like to take this opportunity to remind residents of several important sections of the Building Code:

  • Obtain a building permit (if you are unsure if a permit is required, please call the village hall and ask for the building department). Some of the activities that do not require a building permit: the installation of doors or windows when openings are not enlarged, landscaping, exterior painting and interior painting and paneling, repair or replacement of fixed appliances, and private service walks.
  • Display the building permit placard so it is visible from the street at all times.
  • Ensure contractors are registered with the village. Make sure your contractors are insured (including workers’ compensation).
  • Call for inspections as necessary: don’t proceed with additional work until completed work has been inspected. Do not call the Village Hall for inspections. Call Safebuilt directly at 1-815-255-9047 or scan and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To download a Building Permit Application packet, please return to the home page, click "Document Center", and select the permit type necessary.

To view the Building Code, click here.

Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Officer conducts inspections and responds to complaints regarding the Property Maintenance Code and components of the Village Code. The Code Enforcement Officer investigates weed violations, property maintenance violations, signage, and other municipal violations.

Maps and Zoning

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